AngielskiTesty z angielskiego

Test Maturalny z Angielskiego 18D

He ____ his bike to school every day.
She ____ a song beautifully at the concert.
They ____ their friends for a movie last night.
He ____ his keys on the kitchen counter.
The cat ____ across the yard to chase a butterfly.
A that moment she ____ the answer to the difficult riddle.
They ____ the delicious cake at the party.
She ____ her best in the last basketball game.
Tom ____ a great story to his friends ealrier that evening.
Tom is really ggood at ____ stories!
Tom ____ his stories really well!
Robert ____ his dog in the forest every morning.
Zach ____ his phone at home this morning.
They ___ a thrilling adventure last weekend.
He allways ____ a book before going to bed.
She rarely ____ any questions.
They ____ their favourite movie last night.
Remember to allways ____ water.
They ____ an awful time at the movies last night.
Tom ___ camping last week.
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