AngielskiTesty z angielskiego

Test Maturalny z Angielskiego 17D

She ____ a book before bed every night.
They ____ to the party last night.
He ____ his breakfast every morning
He ____ a new bike last month.
They ____ a delicious dinner last night.
They ____ the city by bike last weekend.
He ____ his homework after school every day.
Last week Dorothy ____ her way through the dense forest.
Jacob ____ the letter two weeks ago.
Suzan ____ her best friend yesterday.
Tomorrow they ____ a delicious meal for the family.
He ____ the finish line in record time.
His grandfather ____ that house in the 70s.
Yesterday Nicole ____ a new dress for the party.
Nicole ____ her wallet on the table every time she comes home.
They ____ the whole city tomorrow.
James ____ his friends for dinner last night.
He ____ his phone on the table.
He ____ new language this year.
She ________ a new job next week.
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