AngielskiTesty z angielskiego

Test Maturalny z Angielskiego 16D

She _____ the book last month.
They _____ to the cinema tomorrow.
He _____ a new language this month.
She _____ her dog to the park every evening.
They _____ their family for dinner last night.
He _____ the marathon last week.
Megan _____ some cookies for her birthday yesterday.
They _____ the new movie tonight.
He _____ to Paris last summer.
Tom _____ his keys on the table when he went to work.
They _____ to a different country next year.
He _____ his favorite song back at the concert.
She _____ her phone for work every day.
They _____ a new house in the suburbs.
He _____ his best friend yesterday.
Karen _____ her grandmother every Sunday.
Three days ago, they ____ a beautiful painting for the art show.
He ____ his favorite TV show right now.
She ____ her lunch at the café yesterday.
They ____ their old car last week.
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