Test Maturalny z Angielskiego 8D

I'm sorry to ..... you, but I need you to help me with something.
We need to hurry up, there's no time to.....
You need to ...... close attention to what the teacher is saying.
Soldiers were ..... to move to the other base.
Tom is still new to this job so he still .... practical knowledge.
Adam certainly .... a pay rise after all the work he has done recently.
Michael has a ..... of adventure.
I was ...... to start writting my esay, but I got sleepy and went to bed.
I can never remember people's names. I don't have ..... for them.
The task wasn't that bad. We ..... it easy actually.
A lot of small bussinesess have ..... bunkrupt due to national crisis.
I know all the correct answers for the test and i will tell you provided you keep it.....
Ben is planning to try whiskey after he has ..... of age.
Despite Mery and Tob being twins, there is not much ....... between them.
Young people should ..... up sport rather then spend hours in front of computers.
My mum was in the hospital, becouse this morning she ..... birth to my little sister.
Will you do me a .....?
Vagabonds are said to ..... their lives free of any stress.
Just after one month of studying my brother ...... out of university.
You don't .... much importance to quality, which is a big mistake.
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