Test Maturalny z Angielskiego 13D

At school, Tony .... a sad guy. He always had his head down and rarely spoke to anyone.
Our niece will let us go to the cinema as soon as we .... the mess in the kitchen
If only it ..... so cold and windy, we could play outside.
At least 3 more storms ..... in the area by the end of this month.
Those courses are amazing! I've never been given .... before.
Some prisoners are refused ..... by any peaople.
The kids never stop making noise, I wish they .... quiet for even a while.
The woman put her documents in the purse because she was afraid of ...... them.
If it ...... so heavily yesterday, we would have to water the plants in our garden.
Everything ..... by the time our dad comes back from the shop.
Unless ..... more peaople willing to join, the tournament will not take place.
By the next Monday, I ..... in the police department for twelve years.
Everyone should take part in the race, shouldn't ....?
The manager objected to .... his emploees in advance.
I cannot tell what's wrong, but the soup ...., for sure.
Despite ..... the whole previous night working, I didn't earn much money...
I was a fool ..... Dorothy for a date...
As a child, I .... drink tea. Now it's my favourite drink!
I don't understeand ...... so depressed, you've got good grades and lots of money.
Let me know about what you wanna do before you do it, ....?
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