Test Maturalny z Angielskiego 11D

Paul has changed for the better. He ..... steal and lie back in the day.
The tablet is on. It ..... by someone when I wasn't there.
Why did the actor object to .... live on camera?
There .... too many complaints. That's why the restaurant was closed.
I ..... of moving out to another country. I can't stand the climate anymore.
My friend's accent is terrible. We .... her.
Everyone hates ..... private questions by strangers!
He is the main suspect in this case. I think that he most likely .... it.
Now that you ..... the tournament, we can relax and enjoy our stay!
Customers are claimed .... their packages for weeks!
After ...... a shop, the men went to break into a bank.
When I arrived into the garage, my computer ....
Millions of people are known .... all over the world.
Athough I didn't know much about math, I pretended .... everything about it.
I love the touch of the silk. It ...... so smooth and soft.
Neither Thonas, nor Chris ..... to work yesterday. I hope they are alright.
I asked my friends if they would mind if I .... in the apartment.
When they arrived to the hospital, Oscar .... on.
It has been suggested that ..... at the meeting next monday.
Im not going to buy the sweater. It .... comfortable or warm.
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