Test Maturalny z Angielskiego D15

He _____ his coffee every morning.
She _____ her hair before going to bed.
They _____ in the park last weekend.
He _____ a lot of weight in the last year.
The baby _____ all night last night.
She _____ a cake for her friend's birthday.
They _____ a movie last night.
She _____ Spanish in school this semester.
He _____ his car in the garage.
She _____ her phone on the table.
They _____ the house for the party.
He _____ his guitar at the concert last night.
She _____ the news on TV.
They _____ a trip to the mountains next month.
He _____ his wallet at the store.
She _____ a letter to her grandmother.
They _____ the city by bike last weekend.
He _____ his appointment with the doctor.
She _____ the flowers in the garden.
They _____ the basketball game last night.
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